Following the introduction of the tenancy Deposit Scheme in April 2007, impartially prepared and accurate inventories have become an integral part of tenancies.


An inventory report is compiled at the start of a tenancy and details a fair and accurate description of the property’s decorative condition, fixtures and furnishings. The report is clearly laid out and plainly details all the components of the property, including descriptions of walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, paintwork, light fittings, woodwork, windows etc.


Once the report has been agreed with the landlord and tenant it becomes a binding document between both parties and forms the point of reference on which any damage or dilapidation may be assessed against at the end of a tenancy.


The use of an impartially prepared inventory can significantly reduce the occurrence of disputes at the end of a tenancy and where disputes do arise, makes a resolution much easier between both parties or either though the dispute service or the Courts.



The reports we provide are impartial, detailed and easy to read. Our Inventories include digital photographs.

Accurate and well-documented inventories are time consuming to prepare but essential to safe guard your property.


Without this document a landlord may have no legal entitlement in the event of a dispute, to make deductions from the tenant’s deposit, when necessary.




Following the inventory ‘make’, at the start of the tenancy the content of the inventory is agreed by all parties. It is usual that both landlords and tenants have 7days from receipt of the document to review it’s content.


Furthermore as part of the check in the clerk will take the readings of utility meters, log the keys that have been issued to the tenant and confirm the overview of the cleaning (which confirms the tenant’s obligations when they return the property).


These points are listed on a receipt which the tenant signs.




At the end of the tenancy a comparison report of the property is made against the original inventory. The check out report will detail changes to the state of the property including damage, dilapidations and cleanliness.


The check out report will also detail the utility meter readings, keys that have been returned and any points of cleaning that are different from the check in. A number of photographs will be taken to support the points recorded in the check out report.



Often a tenant is simply not aware of all their responsibilities at the end of a tenancy and this can result in costly mistakes.These normally cannot be rectified by tenants once the check out has been conducted.


Our pre check out assessment is a service designed to offer tenants the opportunity to ensure that the property is returned at the end of the tenancy to the expected standard.


We can help to mitigate unexpected claims on a tenant’s deposit and reduce the number of complications that can occur.

This helps to increase the speed at which the deposit is returned to the tenant and the landlord can have less remedial works to arrange between tenancies.


Usually a tenant will aim to book this appointment 2-3 weeks prior to their check out, this helps to enable time to arrange any remedial works that might be necessary. However this is not always possible and we are able to work within short time frames.


The majority of problems and costs that occur at the end of a tenancy could have been avoided with more information provided at the right time. The pre check out assessment helps both tenants and landlords have a smooth hand over.




  • Reduces the complications at check out 


  • Mitigates claims on the tenant’s deposit


  • Landlords have a less remedial works


  • Helps to increase the time in which the deposit is returned


  • Decreases the amount of time agents and landlords spend quantifying damage